Glad Press’n Seal Value Size 140sq ft roll Sealing Wrap


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Glad Press ‘n Seal

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Press’n Seal is made to be used in the kitchen, but quilters are finding it an excellent transfer medium for embroidery and quilting.  Either trace the design onto the Press ‘n Seal then place it over the fabric and embroidery through the design; when finished, simply peel it away as it leaves no sticky residue.

Or, place the Press’n Seal over a quilting design, then stitch through both (on the sewing machine and using a large needle), following the design.  Then place the now perforated Press’n Seal onto your quilt and wipe a Quilt Pounce over it back and forth.  The chalk from the Quilt Pounce has now transferred your design onto your quilt, ready for quilting stitches.  Voila!

Mutli uses within your crafting needs.

140 sq ft (23.7yd x 11.8″)

13 sq m (21.6m x 30cm)18.00